Operation Megabit Twin

These are the archived sieve files of Operation Megabit Twin. The files are compressed with 7-Zip which is also available on Linux as p7zip. The files do not contain a NewPGen header as not all file editors can handle such large files. Instructions for adding a header line can be found here.

  • 0.1-120T_nohdr@31000T.7z (p=31000T, 53,888,791 k’s remaining, 159 MB)
  • 0.1-120T_nohdr@14800T.7z (p=14800T, 56,031,852 k’s remaining)
  • 0-120T_nohdr@9000T.7z (p=9000T, 57,591,335 k’s remaining)
  • 0-120T_nohdr@5800T.7z (p=5800T, 58,982,026 k’s remaining)
  • 0-120T_nohdr@3600T.7z (p=3600T, 60,550,811 k’s remaining)
  • 0-120T_nohdr@2700T.7z (p=2700T, 61,528,767 k’s remaining)
  • 0-120T_nohdr@850T.7z (p=850T, 65,704,418 k’s remaining)
  • 0-120T_nohdr@550T.7z (p=550T, 67,385,365 k’s remaining)
  • 0-120T_nohdr@350T.7z (p=350T, 69,199,139 k’s remaining)
  • 0-120T_nohdr@140T.7z (p=140T, 73,115,937 k’s remaining)
  • 0-120T_nohdr@45T.7z (p=45T, 78,451,842 k’s remaining, 217 MB)

Instructions for using NewPGen.

These are the archived factor files in NewPGen format from p=45T.